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January 12, 2014

Disability Insurance Often Overlooked 174

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Social Security Disability lawyers in Atlanta know that the Social Security Disability system is intended to provide a safety net for people who become disabled and who are not able to work as a result of a severe injury or medical condition.  Social Security Disability benefits are available in two different programs – Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI) for people who have worked and paid into the system, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for disabled individuals with limited resources and low incomes regardless of their work history.

SSDI and SSI provide modest monthly compensation, with SSDI benefits based on how much you earned over your work life and SSI benefits capped at $710 per month for an eligible person as of 2013.  For many people, these benefits are the only source of income if they are unable to work, as most data indicates that few people purchase private disability insurance to protect themselves if they get hurt or sick and cannot hold a job.

Many Forego Private Disability Insurance Plans

US News recently reported that most experts believe disability coverage is an “essential way for people to protect themselves from unexpected illness, accidents or other problems that prevent them from working.” Yet, the Hartford Financial Services Group indicates that while 57 percent of workers aged 20-30 have life insurance, only 45 percent have short term disability coverage and just 39 percent have long-term disability coverage.

The vast majority of workers will not have an insurance policy to turn to if something happens to them over the course of their working careers. Since the Social Security Administration estimates that a 20 year-old-worker has a 30 percent chance of being disabled at some point before the worker reaches the age of 65, this means that many young workers today will find themselves unable to work and with few places to turn.


Social Security Disability

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January 9, 2014

Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys San Antonio TX – Supporting the underdog – Law News 216

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What Types Of Accidents Require a Lawyer?

Car accidents and many other kinds of injuries.

What accidents require a lawyer? That’s a question we hear from time to time at our law firm. The answer is not so simple. If you were in a minor fender-bender and were not injured, you likely won’t need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Some of the serious types of car accidents that may demand the skills of a diligent attorney include:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Car vs. bicycle accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Accidents involving drunk drivers
  • Accidents involving drivers who are texting

Personal Injury Attorneys San Antonio TX – Supporting the underdog

Our firm has a proud tradition of supporting the underdog and bringing justice to families.
Looking towards the future is the tradition of our firm and we thrive on the belief that “Winning isn’t luck”, “It’s knowing how to fight”. For you, your family or your business. The Herrera Law Firm, Courage is on your site. Visit Us on YouTube

Do Insurance Companies Play Fair?
Representatives for insurers might sound friendly and claim they are going to do what’s best for you. You might hear from an insurance company that they wants to offer a quick settlement to fix your car, but refuses to pay for your medical bills or lost time from work. In some accidents, they might deny your claim, saying you were somehow at fault. With so much at stake, it’s critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Car Accidents
If you have been majorly hurt in an serious injury, accident or car crash accident, Visit Our Website, our experienced Texas lawyers at Herrera Law.

San Antonio, Texas, is an unique placepart of the country. But in some ways, areas like San Antonio are like many other American cities. As they do in any major city, car accidents happen every day in San Antonio. Sometimes these collisions are severe and result in permanent injuries. As personal injury attorneys in San Antonio, we have seen just about every type of accident and would like to help you understand how we may be able to help you.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help
If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in San Antonio, contact an experienced attorney at The Herrera Law Firm.

Our aggressive attorneys fight for every client and strive to obtain the maximum financial recovery allowed under state law. For a consultation, call 1-800-455-1054. We are contingency fee lawyers in San Antonio, which means you only pay us if we win.

Personal Injury Lawyers

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Reducing Traffic Deaths Focus of Louisville Effort. – Blog 848

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Car accident attorneys in Louisville know that car accident prevention campaigns have had a significant impact on reducing the number of auto accidents in the past several decades. Now, law enforcement agencies from 30 states have met in Louisville to work to find ways to make drivers safer across the country.


While much progress has been made in reducing some of the most dangerous behaviors including drunk driving, law enforcement are considering three persistent problems that continue to cause fatalities: speeding, impaired driving and a failure to buckle up. WHAS 11 reports the safety conference also included a discussion on texting while driving and on how the legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use will affect traffic stops and driving safety.

Accident Reduction Campaigns Have Been a Success, But Drivers are Ultimately Responsible for Their Own Behaviors

In 1949, there were 30,000 car accident fatalities and there was a fatality rate of four deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled over the course of the year. The peak in car accident fatalities, however, occurred in 1970 when there were over 50,000 deaths. The fatality rate during this dangerous time exceeded seven deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

By 2010, however, the NHTSA indicates that the fatality rate fell to a historic low of just over one death per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. As the overall death rate has declined, the number of non-occupants and pedestrians killed in auto accidents has also experienced dramatic decreases. From 1975 to 2009, the death rate for non-occupants declined by just over 60 percent.

Read more…

Traffic Deaths

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