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October 30, 2013

Lansing MI Personal Injury Lawyers Car Wreck – Report 589

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Auto wreck needing a - Lansing Personal Injury Lawyer Accident wreck

There are many different issues you need to consider after a crash. That’s why it’s important you contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your case. Even if the other person admitted wrongdoing – there’s no guarantee verdict you deserve to cover the true cost of your Lansing, Michigan, accident.

any people only think about the near-term costs associated with an accident. Our firm thinks differently. He takes into account how much you may eventually need to cover your accident-related expenses years down the road. Will you need medical procedures or assistance from a nurse or home health-care worker? Will you be unable to return to work? Was your ability to function permanently affected by your accident? Attorney Bloom will take all these issues into consideration and make sure your settlement or verdict reflects these factors. Case results matter, experience matters.

The Law Offices Of Gary Bloom
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It’s difficult to know what to do after a serious back and neck injury caused by an auto accident is overwhelming. All you probably feel like doing is resting and recuperating. Many auto accident victims are forced to deal with insurance companies contacting them with endless questions that seem innocent on the surface. Don’t be so sure. Often, insurance companies are focused on one thing: paying people as little as possible. That’s why it’s important you contact our office. We deal with the insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on on what is important: your recovery. Maybe you need a Lansing MI personal injury lawyer?

If you have been in a truck accident, truck accidents can be legally confusing. There can be several insurance companies involved in one accident. One insurance company might represent the driver. A company might represent the truck company. Besides the driver and their company, sometimes another third insurance company might even be involved, representing the interests of the company whose cargo was being transported on the truck.

With motorcycle accidents, they can also be confusing. There are many legal issues to consider and many questions you need answered. That’s why you need our firm on your side, fighting for your rights. Serving clients throughout Michigan and Ohio, attorney Gary Bloom has a strong track record for getting people the compensation they rightfully deserve. He also thoroughly understands Michigan’s unique laws governing motorcycle accidents.

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Personal injury lawyers

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October 27, 2013

Immigrants allowed to have Driver’s Licenses Could Push Down Uninsured Driver Accidents – Article 854

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California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into effect a law allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain a license to drive in the state of California. The new policy changes a 1993 law prohibiting undocumented immigrants from attaining a license and advocates argue that the new law will reduce the overall number of accidents and will result in a decline in the number of uninsured drivers.

Uninsured driver accident lawyers in Irvine know that unlicensed drivers are overrepresented in fatal car accidents by a ratio of five to one. Unlicensed drivers are also unable to obtain insurance, which is a major concern in California where Think Progress reports that insurance companies paid $634 million in claims for uninsured motorist accidents in 2009. With the new rule change, these costs and the risk of fatal crashes should decline.

Preventing Uninsured Driver Accidents

In California, there are an estimated 24 million licensed drivers and two million unlicensed motorists. CBS News reports that as many as 1.4 million of the unlicensed motorists are undocumented immigrants who can now apply for licenses under the new law. The licenses will become available beginning January of 2015 and will carry a distinction on the front of the card indicating they are used for driving purposes only and not as federal identification.

California is the eleventh state to take this step, with seven of the other states changing their laws just in the past year to make it possible for undocumented immigrants to obtain a license.  Colorado and Oregon are among the states that have preceded California in granting licenses to individuals who are unable to prove citizenship status. The action is also not the first taken by California to make licensing more available, as the governor signed a bill last year permitting young undocumented immigrants granted temporary legal status by President Obama to obtain a license.


undocumented immigrants

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October 26, 2013

Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers is Difficult But Public Education May Help

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Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous behavior, and more states than ever before are taking steps to try to reduce the number of people on the roads who are distracted by cell phones and electronic devices.  In fact, the Governors’ Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released a report entitled “2013 Distracted Driving: Survey of the States” indicating that there has been a 45-percent increase in the number of states with texting bans in place for all drivers as compared with just three years ago.

Florida became one of the states with a texting law this year when Governor Scott signed a texting ban into law after five years of attempts to get such a law passed.   Florida’s ban is relatively weak, allowing for drivers to text when stopped in traffic or at traffic lights and making texting a secondary offense with a fine of only $30 plus court costs for a first-time offender.   Still, the fact that texting is now illegal means that those injured in a texting accident may have an easier time of recovering compensation with the help of an auto accident lawyer in West Palm Beach since negligence per se rules allow victims to prove negligence by pointing to a law that the other driver broke.

While the law may help accident victims to recover compensation, however, it may be difficult for police to enforce. In fact, as the Huffington Post recently reported, texting laws in general are difficult to enforce, even in states that have taken a very tough stance on fighting distracted drivers.  The difficulty of enforcing these laws means that many people continue to text even though it is illegal.

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October 23, 2013

Deaths of Workers in Construction Went Up by 5 Percent in 2012

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According to a new report released by the United States Department of Labor, the number of construction workers killed on construction sites rose 5 percent in 2012, from 738 to 775. The Department of Labor has deemed the construction industry the “deadliest industry in the United States.” Falls, slips, and trips remain a construction worker’s worst enemy: in 2012, 280 construction workers died from a workplace fall, slip, or trip, which represented over a third of all construction related deaths. The remaining categories of construction deaths are transportation incidents (216), traumatic contact with on-site objects or equipment (135), and exposure to harmful substances or environments (102). Looking for a workers compensation lawyer?

From our vast experience in construction cases, we know employees in the construction industry work from great heights every day, and falls are very common. Therefore, it is critical to make sure your employer provides the safety equipment you need to protect yourself from falls, by tying-off or using a horizontal lifeline, if working from heights greater than seven feet. In addition, you must always report an unsafe work environment if your employer does not provide you with a safe environment to work from heights.


Construction Worker Death

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