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August 22, 2013

Fatal roadside collisions involving police officers

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Early this June, a 24-year-old Arizona man driving an SUV was involved in a deadly car accident. The SUV driver was subsequently arrested for manslaughter in connection with the death of a 29-year-old Phoenix police officer. The Phoenix police officer was killed at around 3:30 AM while he was on the roadside investigating a possible DUI matter. According to, the SUV driver lost control of his vehicle and allegedly hit the Phoenix police officer while the officer was making the roadside stop. The SUV driver then fled the scene of the crash, but police were able to identify him and gather evidence over the next two weeks to charge him with manslaughter. 1172422_police_on_the_scene

The death of the Phoenix police officer was a tragedy, and the officer left behind both a wife and young daughter. Unfortunately, our Jeffery J. Hernandez  this was not the only instance where a police officer was killed when making a traffic stop. In fact, the AZ Capital Times has reported that an average of one law enforcement officer and 23 highway workers are killed each month as well as one tow truck driver every six days.

Move Over Campaign Aims to Reduce Accident Deaths

In an effort to and reduce the high number of fatal roadside collisions involving police officers, tow truck drivers and other workers, the laws in Arizona mandate that drivers must move over one lane whenever passing a vehicle pulled over along the side of the road with its flashing lights on.  If it is not possible for drivers to move over one lane upon encountering a vehicle on the side of the road, then the passing driver must slow down and exercise caution.

These laws related to passing slowly or moving over are aptly named “move over laws.” Such laws have been passed in the majority of states throughout the United States, but, unfortunately, many people are not aware that moving over is a legal requirement.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Arizona Department of Public Safety recently decided to tackle this problem, running a statewide campaign intended to raise awareness about the move over laws in Arizona. The campaign was launched in March of this year and included advertisements and public education efforts throughout the state.
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August 14, 2013

Austin TX bicycle accidents and how you can avoid them. Get the facts here

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Bicycle riding has become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of dealing with high traffic in urban areas and as an alternative to cars as gas prices have gone up and concerns about pollution have persisted. Many cities are adopting bicycle sharing programs in order to make biking easier. Recently, YNN Austin announced that the city of Austin, Texas will be moving forward with a bicycle sharing program.


Our Austin family lawyers know that a bike sharing program could encourage more people to take up riding and could increase the number of bicyclists on the roads. In New York City, a bike-sharing program led to riders traveling more than 1.5 million miles in just the first month of the program. While it is great that bike sharing can increase convenience and making riding a more popular option, more bicyclists on the road also means a greater chance of bike accidents happening. As a result, cyclists and drivers need to be aware of the risks of crashes and need to take safety precautions to prevent accidents.

Austin Moving Forward with Bike Sharing Plan

The new bike-sharing program approved by the Austin City Council will result in hundreds of bicycles being made available for public use around town. An agreement has been entered into with B-Cycle to purchase an estimated $2 million worth of bicycles, kiosks and computer software to manage the new sharing program.

The program will allow riders to have an annual or monthly membership or to rent a bike on a daily basis. Estimates indicate that there will be about 10 different stations around town where bicyclists can rent and return bikes. The program will start with 100 bicycles and will continue to expand. By the spring of 2014, the next phase of the project will result in a total of 40 kiosk locations and 400 available bicycles.

Bike Safety is Key injuries and deaths have resulted in family Divorce See: Divorce Attorney Austin Tx
Cyclists are excited about the new bike-sharing program, but it is important that both bike riders and drivers do everything possible to avoid the risk of bike accidents with more riders on the road.

For drivers, this means:
Checking for bike riders and yielding the right-of-way as required.
Refraining from dangerous behaviors such as speeding, drunk or drowsy driving, and driving while distracted. All of these behaviors could lead to an accident with a bike rider.
Leaving enough space between yourself and cyclists. Aggressive driving causes accidents.

For bicycle riders, safety efforts can include:
Wearing bright colors to be seen more easily and using reflective material when riding after dark.
Obeying lane markings and all rules of the road.
Riding in bicycle lanes whenever possible and always riding with traffic.
Communicating with drivers by using hand signals and ensuring that you make eye contact so drivers can see you on the roads.

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Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney Hernandez Can Take On Insurance Companies

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A Trusted, Tenacious Arizona Car Crash Attorney Who Will Fight Hard For Your Justice
You found us because you or a loved one suffered car accident injuries, and you need compensation in order to recover-physically, financially and perhaps emotionally. Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Our diligent, experienced staff handles every aspect of car crash cases, from insurance claim forms and interviewing witnesses to taking crash scene photographs and preserving as much accident evidence as possible. We can help accident injury victims find the best doctors, body shops, and rental cars, when eligible, for those who need a loaner. When a client’s car has been totaled in an accident, we can assist to expedite insurance claim compensation to pay the full value of the total loss. From rear-enders and distracted driver accidents to hit and run collisions and drunk driving crashes, Arizona injury victims need a dedicated personal injury attorney to provide powerful legal representation.
accident attorney phoenix az

A Relentless Phoenix Trucking Accident Lawyer Who Takes On Trucking Companies
Not only does personal injury attorney Jeffery J. Hernandez fight diligently for the rights of Phoenix, Arizona trucking crash injury victims. He also offers a wealth of insight into how trucking wreck insurance claims adjusters work. Before he became an Arizona personal injury attorney, he was an insurance adjuster. That experience is part of the reason he decided to become an accident injury lawyer. After seeing so many good people being mistreated by intimidating insurance adjusters, trying to pressure injury victims to accept unfair, “low-ball” settlements, he wanted to be able to help all victims get the compensation they deserve.

You can count on Attorney Hernandez to negotiate with truck insurance company adjusters so you receive a fair trucking crash settlement. Here are just a few types of cases we handle:

Fatigued trucking drivers
DUI trucking accidents
Texting trucker jackknife crash
Delivery trucking accidents
Trucking company negligence
Distracted truck driver accidents
Overturned big rig
18-wheeler accidents
Jeffery J. Hernandez is the determined, reliable Phoenix, Arizona trucking accident lawyer you want in your corner, and he will work diligently for your justice. Call him at (480) 624-2765 or contact us online today for a free, confidential, personalized consultation. Don’t let a negligent trucker get away with it-let us pursue justice for you!

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August 7, 2013

Car Insurer Change in State of Florida – Lawyer West Palm Beach

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West Palm Beach car accident lawyer David Glatthorn knows this situation very well. David Glatthorn knows the system from the inside. Luckily for you, attorney Glatthorn works on behalf of injury victims, fighting for their rights, making sure they are fairly compensated for their auto serious injuries. We can also help if you’ve been involved in an uninsured motorist wreck.

Auto Insurance Change in State of Florida – Car Accident Attorney West Palm Beach Fl

This Board Certified trial lawyer has worked tirelessly to get people the money they rightfully deserve. Throughout Florida, attorney Glatthorn has a well-earned reputation for obtaining large, often multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements. That might sound like a lot of money. But you need to consider the true cost of your injuries. You need to seriously think about how much money you’ll need decades down the road due to your motor vehicle wreck.

People who work for insurance companies will often say anything to get you to agree on less money. They want you to believe they’re your friend. But that’s not what attorney Glatthorn witnessed in most cases when he worked as a defender for them – Lawyer West Palm Beach Fl.

Don’t be a victim. Take back control. Contact attorney Glatthorn today. Call 800-990-9394 and schedule a free case review today. The sooner you contact him, the sooner you can get your life back on track.

Personal Injury Lawyer

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